We Are a VAT Agent and Entitled to Work for Foreign Organisations.
Equity Suites Is the Best Law Firm in Bangladesh for Revenue Law Matters.
We Are One of the Best Law Firms in Bangladesh for Property Documentations.
We Are the Only Law Firm in Bangladesh Dealing With Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Issues.
We Are Also Highly Experienced in Other Litigations, Arbitration and Mediations.
We Are Very Competent in Company Law Matters.
We Provide One-Stop Legal Solutions.

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Equity Suites is a corporate as well as a litigation firm that personifies the top qualities of the Dhaka region itself: coherent, flexible, ready for hard work, and committed to its causes. Practising those homegrown values has made our firm into one of nationwide influence. Equity Suites flourishes on the country’s top legal talent, practices in jurisdictions across Dhaka, and services both local, national, and international clients.

We can proudly declare that our Managing Partner Barrister Jahangir Hossain was the Principal Draftsman of the Value Added Tax Act, 2012 and Value Added Tax Rules, 2016 while he was employed as the Chairman (Acting) and Member (VAT Policy) (Grade 1) of the National Board of Revenue. Every word of the said Act and the Rules was framed, modified and amended by his personal touch. Also, he was the first Project Director of the VAT Online Project of the National Board of Revenue. He has experience of receiving some international training on revenue issues in different countries around the world. Currently, he is the Managing Partner of Equity Suites after his retirement from the government job.

We can also proudly declare that our other partner, Barrister Khandoker M. S. Kawsar is an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh who has been practising in property-related issues, international trade and investment as well as in revenue sectors for many years. He has experience in conducting some of the biggest cases in the revenue sector in the Supreme Court, in the Appellate Tribunal of VAT and Customs, and before the facilitators. He also has experience in conducting international trade cases on anti-dumping and countervailing duties with the Ministry of Commerce as well as the Tariff Commission of Bangladesh. He is the Regional Representative (North Asia) of ICC YAF and has experience in conducting several arbitration issues and providing training on behalf of the Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC).

Equity Suites is not an average litigation firm because our work is far from average. Recognizing that high-stakes litigation is never routine, Equity Suites was built to accommodate whatever challenge is posed to our client — no matter the opposition, ramification of the case, or legal issue involved. In every matter, Equity Suites’ primary objective is the staging of legal strategies to triumph. This approach has established success beyond our biggest of aspirations. It has earned Equity Suites a reputation as a firm of talented trial and appellate lawyers fully prepared to represent its clients in revenue, civil, criminal, and international trade issues. Most rewardingly, Equity Suites’ approach has attracted clients as diverse and exceptional as the firm’s abilities.

Perhaps the most persuasive indicator of the value we bring to our work is the fact that fellow lawyers and judges often come to us for help when they themselves need representation. Like all of our clients, they understand that Equity Suites will respond swiftly with an approach designed for their subjective needs, whatever their problem.

We humbly welcome and invite you to trust your toughest legal challenges to Equity Suites.




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